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Programme and Project Management by Ed Johnston

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LIFFE Market Solutions

Project Manager, Infrastructure Projects, April 2001 to Jan 2002

Ed implemented BMC Patrol across the LIFFE Production and Test Infrastructure. The Infrastructure included a complex configuration of over 1000 computers running Solaris, NT and VMS machines. During project initiation, the price was negotiated with the supplier with support from the Legal and Executive Management team, then seven-figure funding was obtained from the Board. He recruited the implementation team and put the solution in place using the Patrol Enterprise Manager, Distribution Server for configuration management and a full Agent Rollout.

He also upgrade the LIFFE private WAN infrastructure. This moved from the 2Mb and 64Kb PDH infrastructure to SDH technology. This involved managing LIFFE customer relations for the upgrade process while implementing and testing the new SDH backbone, managing BT as a supplier of new and upgraded lines.

Other work included Enterprise Backup Upgrades and PC Gateway Replacement. He completed the upgrade of the Veritas Backup system to fibre switches for increased throughput to the backup robot. This was tested then implemented in co-ordination with other concurrent implementations. He initiated the PC Gateway project, defining the project scope, obtaining funding and setting up a framework for supplier management.