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Elsevier Technology Services

Kairos Programme

Kairos is a programme to reduce IT run costs of Elsevier Technology Services by 10%. Ed was brought in after the initial phase of analysis to provide impetus and organisation to the programme and repatriate it from the external consultancy that hither to had been running the programme.

Working closely with executive management in Europe and US, Ed provided the structure to manage and progress over 125 lines of saving, getting directly involved where initiatives had stalled or were slowing, maintaining management oversight where they were progressing well.

In order to manage the initiatives with minimum overhead, he produced and maintained a database of initiatives, savings, plans and actions along with the mechanism for tracking actual savings made, ensuring the costs didn't pop up somewhere else in the organisation.

During his engagement over $12M annulaised savings made with many more in the pipeline working to the total of $40M by 2016

Oracle eBusiness R12 Migration

Brought in at a critical stage of the project to migrate from 11i to R12, Ed provided planning disciplines, organisation and technical governance over the processes to manage, build and deploy environments, code and configuration from late system testing through to Production deployment.

Working closely with business, technology and finance stakeholders, he provided an effective bridge between these parties. Through pragmatic and effective planning, he maximised the benefit and managed the cost and time to complete Syatem Test, then successfully execute UAT and Production Deployment of this major change to the principle Finance and Accounting system for this $4Bn corporation.

In particular Ed brought control to configuration management, change control and deployment processes, espcially in the Chart of Accounts where he implemented quality assurance processes to confirm that the intended designs were correctly and accurately deployed to environments for testing. He also brought the Hyperion componet of the programme back on track by getting control of environments, engaging a new supplier and designing a new and effective support model.

Ed was instrumental in the replanning and successful conclusion of the $Multi-million programme, saving substantial time and labour by pragmatic and effective change and quality management in the solution deployment and final testing phases.

DR Programme

The DR Programme was an Elsevier wide programme to ensure systems had appropriate DR which were fully operational and tested to be so. He provided structure and organisation to the DR Programme within Customer Business System, clearly defining and communicating the objectives and methods used by the programme to deliver the improvements.

He implemented DR capabilities on 3 major systems, including full testing of DR failover to the standby site and facilitated the move of the DR site to a new location.