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Camelot 2009

Head of Channels Programme, November 2009 to Present

I arranged a portfolio of projects designed to assist bringing Camelot products to market through the Retail and Internet channels. I was responsible for the defining and forming projects, obtaining appropriate funding and ensuring they were staffed and managed to Camelot standards. I took an active role in a number of initiatives in order to manage senior stakeholders and guide the resolution of significant issues. Projects included:

Retail Supply Chain Improvements: Replacing the system managing the supply of scratch cards to retail outlets, reducing held stock and improving supply of marketing supported products in retail. Improved processes for planning and deploying new ranges of scratch cards were put in place. A year after implementation average weekly sales have increased by approximately 20%.

3d Secure and PCI Compliance: Implemented updated payment systems for the Internet channel which turns over £800M/a. This was completed in conjunction with obtaining Tier 1 PCI Compliance reducing transaction costs.

Camelot Commercial Services: Took on the technology implementation and integration of a solution to sell mobile top up and bill payment through the Lottery terminal. The solution was completed and proven but the regulator declined to grant a license exception to put this system live in the UK, it has now been launched in Kenya and Tanzania.

Mobile Internet Gaming: Detailed options analysis followed by supplier selection and implementation, the Mobile optimised version of the e-Commerce platform will go live in November 2011.

Next Generation Contact Centre: In depth requirements, costs and implementation issues analysis resulted in very tough contract negotiations and change of supplier to provide a project which will fulfil the needs of the Contact Centre throughout the 3rd license at a price that Camelot can afford. Final funding approval in September 2011 will allow this project to go into delivery phase.

Migration of Camelot’s 2nd license systems to the 3rd license platform: This involved highly complex pre-implementation testing, covering functional, integration and non-functional testing. A substantial business readiness stream prepared the support and operational teams for the new systems. Finally a very detailed plan covered weeks of highly complex migration and parallel operations followed by the final cut-over activities and post migration support, all of which was carefully planned and managed in person.

Other Projects: Migration of Camelot’s 2nd license systems to the 3rd license platform over weeks of highly complex migration and parallel operations. Deployment of Lottery Counter Units into 1/3 of the Retail estate. Introducing geo-location check for all Internet players. A series of tactical Internet and Core System improvement projects.