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Met Links for Uvalde


This is a quick point of reference for the team on sites and links I think are of some use.

Satellite Pics

Decent water vapour, vis and IR of Texas:

Higher resolution, maybe, and can use Zoom. Seems more reliable:

Visible image on this site seems to give best indication of sea breeze front location, provided there are clouds.

Radar (and Sat Pics)


The Interactive Map looks OK but is flaky. The other links to Radar and Satellite/Radar give more reliable results but at a worse presentation.

AirSports Net has this page which might be very useful.

Using Base Wind Velocity and Loop, it seems to give an indication of where the costal convergence lies, but again, though it looks good I've no way of telling if it shows something useful.

Using Wide Range shows rainfall, so if the front gets active, it should show up well.


BLIP Map Viewer

Seems to give good prediction of cloud amounts and strengths but rather optimistic altitudes. The NAM model is the one to use I think though RAP gives a way of guessing where the sea breeze may come to (no idea if their guess is accurate!).

Grockle Met

From Air Sports Net, a very simple view of what might happen in the Uvalde area.

Soundings (Actual)

Actual DRT West- Del Rio This seems to be the only useful one. Not too useful as it is West of us.

Actual AMA North, W of Oakland

Actual FWD NNE xDallas

Actual MAF NNWt- New Mexico Bdr

Soundings (GFS Forecast)

By TP location and rough bearing from Uvalde

Sounding Uvalde

Sounding E 48

Sounding NE 97

Sounding NW 78

Sounding S 63

Sounding SE 67

Sounding SW 45